Audits / Assessments

All of our Pest Protection Plans include a full site audit which is carried out by our highly trained personnel.

We are also able to offer an independent objective audit to non customers, for a small fee, as a peace of mind and to help give the customer an view into their site and pest control activities and so be able to assess if your site is healthy, pest free and operatives are offering you full protective cover and so identifies any weak points to work on

Our auditor will call round to your site on an annual routine usually unannounced.  With your permission we will inspect your premises.  The time taken to inspect your business will obviously depend on its size and the risks associated with the food operation.

You can expect our staff to show identification and be polite; discreet and would not disrupt your staff throughout the visit.

What is the role of the auditor?

  • Provide complementary advice and assistance to businesses to help them comply with Health & Safety legislation and maintain a high standard of general hygiene and pest prevention practices
  • Investigate  any concerns or complaints
  • Investigate cases of pest infestations and advise upon precautionary control measures.
  • Develop a partnership between Enserve and our customer.  This means working closely with our customers and to understand their business.





What should I expect on an inspection?

The inspection will begin with the auditor advising on what he/she intends to do.  Our auditor will then get to know the scope of your business. A detailed review will be held on the information provided in the site pest folder.  A detailed inspection will then be carried out during which the auditor will be gathering and recording information from the observations made in various areas.

What power does our Auditor have?

Our auditors do not have any powers, we are merely here to advise and to help guide you and your staff in the right direction

What will happen at the end of the inspection?

Our auditor will at the end of the inspection, discuss and recommend any concerns found and will complete a site inspection questionnaire which will determine your overall score.

Our auditor will clearly differentiate between any actions you are required to comply with and any requirements and recommendations of good practice.

Our Audit includes a certificate, and our auditor will then award up to a Five star Quality Management System certificate.