Enserve Protection

Our commitment to quality work and total satisfaction is so
absolute that we put it in writing. Our Pest Protection Plans all
provide you with peace of mind that your business is protected to
your complete satisfaction.

See a pest and get a solution right away

The Enserve FastTrack 12-Hour Solution guarantees that we will
provide a solution to your pest problem within twelve hours of
your call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Total satisfaction or your money back

Enserve will control covered pests within 90 days or you will
receive a full refund. If after 90 days you are still dissatisfied with
our ability to control covered pests, we will keep working at no
charge until you are satisfied or Enserve will refund all paid
services for the past six months plus an additional 10%.


On plans that include all properties within a detached building
Enserve will offer you a unique Enserve Warranty offering
complete after sales service peace of mind.

Your business is covered at any cost

Should your business be assessed and fined by an Environmental
Health Officer due to a covered pest infestation, Enserve will
reimburse you for the amount of the fine plus an additional 10%.

Lowest prices

Find a lower quote from another reputable Company and we will
guarantee to match the price.