Public Sector Services

We offer a wide range of service solutions, from single services to fully Integrated Services that combine all of our customer's service and support functions into one single solution. Government and consumer pressure backed by increasing legislation and health and safety are highlighting the need for careful environmental management. All organisations now have a statutory requirement to protect people and products from pest infestation, poor hygiene and contamination. Enserve Commercial will help you achieve this.

We are in tune with the Governments' cost improvements targets in reducing the deficit in the Public Sector and are committed to providing our customers with a solution to help meet these targets.

Pest Management

Thousands of pest control customers place their trust in Enserve Public Sector,making us one of the leaders in the industry.Properly identifying the pests that are invading your property is critical to developing the solution for getting rid of them.The methods we use to deal with pests depend on each individual situation.

Clean Management

We are able to tailor any of our services to suit your needs. We specialise in Public Sector cleaning and aim to provide our clients with a personalised, efficient service. We provide services such as Exterior Cleaning, Graffiti Removal and Trauma Cleaning.

Waste Management

Enserve Public Sector are registered with the Environmental Agency and hold a valid Waste Carriers Licence which allow our Enserve Professionals to transport controlled waste. We specialises in the complete clean-outs of Commercial properties, confidential, General and hazardous waste removal.

CO2 Management

It’s our job to help look after your environment and make it a safer place so that tomorrow's generation inherit a cleaner, healthier world. We believe that if we continue to make small changes to our working environment, it will have a huge impact on reducing carbon emissions, reducing landfill sites and reducing the damage done to the environment
by the use of harmful chemicals.

Audits & Assessments

Let a qualified Enserve representative perform a free inspection of your property to be certain it is pest free.

Enserve's Commitment

Quality service is at the heart of our approach to working with our customers, which is based on the quality and commitment of our staff. Enserve is committed to providing its customers with a quick, effective and economic solution to their problems. We don’t just eliminate the problem we focus on preventative steps to help stop your problem
from returning - Evaluate, Eliminate, Educate.