Fly Killing Units

Enserve supply and fit a range of electric Fly Killing Units for commercial and industrial premises that effectively deal with the common problems of flying insects.

Control of flying insects is crucial to all businesses involved in the handling of food stuffs. The risk of contamination from disease causing bacteria is serious, not only to the health of your staff and customers, but directly to your business, because under the Food Hygiene Regulations you are responsible for protecting them with positive actions to minimise the problem.

Key features

  • Unsurpassed reliability, giving low maintenance costs
  • All machines carry a 3-year guarantee
  • Designed and built to stringent specifications and from the highest quality components for long life and efficiency
  • Superior design, quick and easy no-tool servicing to save time and money Shatter-resistant tubes to significantly reduce the risk of glass contamination during tube change
  • Units are CE-marked and independently tested to European standards EN60335-2-59


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