Fly Screens

Enserve supply and fit a range of Fly Screens for commercial and industrial premises that effectively deal with the common problems of flying insects.

Just one open window is all it takes for your premises to be invaded by a multitude of flying insects, each with its own individual threat of infection. Enserve’s ‘fly screening service’ denies entry from flying insects yet still allows for good ventilation. Enserve can specify, install and maintain a wide range of fly screens suitable for any type and style of window, door or ventilator.

Fly screening is an important component of an integrated pest management ( IPM ) programme. To be effective, screening must be fitted correctly, with the right product selected for the surrounding conditions.


Our chain screen doors are supplied with plain silver anodised aluminium chains which are hung on an anodised aluminium rail.  Ideal for “walk through” doorways.  They are equally appropriate for permanent fitting or putting up daily.

Key features

  • Designed for commercial and domestic applications
  • Standard Fibreglass (18 x 16) Charcoal mesh (other mesh types available)
  • Easily removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes

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