Perimeter Boxes

Enserve can supply a wide range of plastic and metal rat bait stations which come in 2-2 different colours and can provide ‘long-term’ rodent control for your home and business.


The galvanised steel plastic coated external bait station sets new standards in appearance and construction and features a locking mechanism which will not freeze or seize. The warm plastic floor improves facile feel and encourages rodents to enter.


The box comes with an internal tray and two retaining hooks and has a double locking mechanism, safety is the number one priority.


A durable bait station manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised plate. Features include a hinged lockable lid, plastic inserts for loose or secure blocks, simple but secure key and locking mechanism.

Key features

  • Super tough material
  • Will withstand high impact with minimal damage
  • Tamper resistant
  • Choice of colour: Black or Green
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