Pest Management

Thousands of pest control customers place their trust in Enserve, making us one of the leaders in the industry. We offer a wealth of experience in providing pest control and environmental services to Food Processors, supermarkets, hotels, offices, shops, factories, restaurants, agricultural and industrial premises which are all at risk from infestation by pests. 

Properly identifying the pests that are invading your property is critical to developing the solution for getting rid of them. The methods we use to deal with pests depend on each individual situation. We offer advice on how best to avoid all types of pests ever becoming a problem. We will educate you on how to keep pests out and how best to store products.

We take care of your pest problem so that you don’t have to worry.  In fact, we offer a wide range of services to protect your business quickly, effectively and economically.

We don’t just eliminate the problem – we focus on preventative steps to keep pests from coming back.  Common pest problems such as mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, wasps, fleas, silverfish and spiders are not pleasant to think about.  Yet, when left untreated, these pests can run around in more than just your head.

To help you classify unwanted intruders, our team of entomologists has compiled an expansive database of insects and pests to provide you with information about pest characteristics, behaviors, habitats and tips for control ( refer to our Hints & Tips tab above ).

We can offer one-off visits or regular inspections and the support of a complete 24 hour call-out service. Our technicians servicing this industry are a CRB checked

Audits & Assessments

All of our Pest Protection Plans include a full site audit which are carried out by our highly trained personnel.  Our Managers carry out annual inspections to all our sites and award up to a 5 Star ‘Quality Standard’ Certificate to those customers that maintain high standards.

We are also able to offer an independent objective Audit to non customers, for a small fee, as a peace of mind and to help give the customer a view into their site and pest control activities and so be able to assess if your site is healthy, pest free and operatives are offering you full protective cover and so identifies any weak points to work on.

Integrated Pest Management ( IPM )

Our Company uses non-chemical pest control methods ( Integrated Pest Management ) where these are feasible and advantageous. Correcting conditions that contribute to pest infestation is key to minimizing pesticide.

Our eweb online reporting system is unique and is designed to deliver information facilitating a proactive approach to Pest Prevention and Control.