Waste Management

Enserve Residential are registered with the Environmental Agency and hold a valid Waste Carriers Licence which allow our Enserve Professionals to transport controlled waste. We have a duty of care to make sure that waste is handled safely and in accordance with the law and are highly committed to recycling all our waste in accordance with current environmental legislation.

Our Waste Solutions

Property Clearances
Enserve specialises in the complete clean-outs of Public Sector properties where there has been a build up of waste over a long period of time, such as “Life of Grime” situations. We also clean up syringes, human and animal excrement and other infected waste. Our specialist team of technicians are trained in the safe handling of such undesirable materials,therefore we can offer a professional solution to such requirements.

Hazardous Waste
All hazardous waste activities require a license.We have a duty of care to make sure that waste is handled safely and in accordance with the law.We ensure that all of our waste is passed on to someone who is authorised to take it and wherever possible is recycled. This includes electrical goods, florescent light tubes and bird fouling.